Everything you need to know about the nasal hair!

Everything you need to know about the nasal hair!

The growth of the nasal hair is because of the biological reason. According to the various posts and surveys the hair growth, hair fiber and hair follicles near your nasal passages offers various protective functions in your body and are biologically good for your nasal passages.

Coming to the respiratory system, it is stated that the airborne pathogens present outside never reaches to your respiratory organs because of the presence of nasal hairs which acts as a protective shield. Theses airborne particles gets aided to your mucus present inside your nasal passage which traps the particles and germs later. The short and unwanted hair present in your nose and ear has many advantages as well as disadvantages which you can see below in this article.

Nose hair function

Talking about the functions of your nasal hair, there are numerous benefits for having nasal hair, as the nasal hair protects the top layer of your nasal skin from various abrasions as well as from sunlight. The nasal hair works as the barrier which protects from dirt and various diseases. Whenever any person inhales, then he or she potentially take all the small particles inside the nasal passage along with the oxygen and then the nose hair helps as the protective layer which filters out all the debris present outside. If due to some reason, the irritants get into your respiratory tract by passing from your nasal hair, then you often expel them in the form of sneezing.


There are various significance and purposes of having nasal hair in your nose which acts like a protective shield. But the long nasal hair does not have much significance so it’s better to trim the long nasal hair instead of keeping it. There are various ways of trimming and cutting of these long nasal hairs as various companies launch different trimmers or best nose trimmers which are going to help you out in trimming your nasal hair safely without affecting the filtering ability.

Significance of nasal hair

There are various certain medical and biological advantages for having nasal hair which will not only help you biologically but also genetically. The growth of the nasal hair depends on the hormones present in our body and because of various genetic factors which can change the pattern of your hair growth. If any of the people, does not have the nasal hair then he or she is more prone to getting various nasal and ear diseases.

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