Fitbit Flex: A waterproof fitness tracker which comes in affordable price

Fitbit Flex: A waterproof fitness tracker which comes in affordable price

Fitbit Flex is one of the best trackers which track your footsteps taken on the daily basis, total calories burned. Fitbit Flex is one of the slimmest devices which come with the stylish look. This device not only tracks your activity time but it also tracks your inactive time. This device wakes you up with its alarm in the morning as well as it gives you the total time consume by you in sleeping and helps you to take better sleep. The device shows you the statistics which you can see and access at any time whenever you are free. This is the incredible device which you can wear on your wrist at any time and at anywhere. This device will also enhance your look as well as your personality.


Fitbit flex is the beautiful design tracker which comes with ring shaped design body. This device displays not only numeric characters but it has the ability to display the alphanumeric characters. This device has silvery display which comes with the plastic body. You will see five white LEDs on the top side of the display which tells the status of the device. Apart from the display, the device comes with the rubber band which is available in different color options.

On one side of its strap, the device has nine oval holes and on the other side of the strap the device is featured with the two pegs. If you want to wear this tracker on your wrist then you have to button up the peg into the oval shaped hole.



The Fitbit Flex is equipped with the accelerometer which records the total steps taken in a day, as well as the total calories burned. These factors are calculated based on the age, height, and the weight of the person. This device has the ability to calculate the quality of the sleep taken as well as you can wear this device when you go to sleep. Apart from the steps taken, the device also calculates the total distance travelled as well as records your active and inactive minutes. Not only this, the device has wake up alarm.


You can wear this device when you are planning to go for swimming as well as sleeping. The tracker comes with the statistics which tells you about your active times as well as you can track whether your goals are achieved or not using the statistics.


The Fitbit Flex device offers the price of 8,500INR in the Indian market which you can use to set your daily goals and to track your active minutes as well as exercising minutes.


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