Must have natural hair protectants for a healthy hair

Must have natural hair protectants for a healthy hair

Have you ever faced the problem of dry hairs and lack in luster after the blow drying of your hairs?  It is a regular habit of hairs to lose the curls after few hours and they are not long lasting with your hair type. The main reason behind all these is the damaged hairs. So it should be better for your hairs to protect it before applying the heat to it. You can use the heat protectant before applying heat. There are many different products out in the market but some of the best products we have listed here for your reference.


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If you are unaware of the fact than you must know that the best thing that will protect your hairs from being damaged is the natural oil. A natural oil works similar as of the silicones with the high temperature as it will create a protective barrier on the high temperature around the hair cuticles. In short you can say that it will protect your hair from getting damages. Simple process that is followed by most of the salon is that first you will get shampooed hair in the portable shampoo bowl that is followed by the hair styling and hair care.

Grapeseed Oil

You can easily find the Grapeseed oil at any grocery store and this oil has a very high smoke point. This oil can withstand the emerging high heat from the different hair products like the hair straighteners, blow dryers and the curlers and you will get a beautifully finished hair with the use of this Grapeseed oil. You will only 4-6 drops of the oil to get the beautiful finished and perfectly styled hairs

Shea Butter

Next product in the list is the Shea Butter, it is considered best with the thermal conductivity of it. It will make an even barrier around the hairs providing you the best service of even barriers that seems good as of the Best chemical silicones. This Shea butter is listed in the ingredients list of the hair masks, or the blow dry prep sprays. It will give you good result for sure and you will not be disappointed with the Shea butter.

These are some of the best, effective and natural ways that can protect your hairs from being damaged. Make sure to comb your hairs thoroughly before applying any hair styles as it will be good for your hairs and by combing through your hairs you can easily remove the knots and get a perfectly finished hair style.

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